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September 8th, 2009

Mining yourself

persona test
[the big picture]

Not a big fan of the online facebookish tests but found this one interesting because of the way data mining is being used[click on read more...and then how it works]. I would love to read more on this algorithm. But just in case you like wasting time on social networking sites, you can also try this.

April 13th, 2009


3 Stupid Questions is not a mock. Genuine questions to be/not to be answered. I don’t intend to answer them but just throw it out to the world and see what happens(even if nothing happens). 3SQ will be served as often as I hit hit eureka with the next set of stupid qs.

1) Why do blogs start resembling mainstream media as they become popular ? So is blogging a reason to beat the bureaucracy, get big and become a part of it ?

2) Blogs written by non-sub-intellectuals still discuss Indian politics, explain ?

3) Hollywood has bad acting but not so easily spotted like Kolly/Bolly/Tollywood. Kollywood has bad acting in every single movie. Recent example, Naan Kadavul. What makes the difference ?

August 12th, 2008

NBC Olympics rocks !!

Have been watching Olympics over cable but NBCOlympics.com created in combination with MSN has been a great source of live olympics content. NBCOlympics site which is powered by Silverlight has amazing video quality. I watched the Federer match over the web and it had some breathtaking camera shots combined with the great presentation by the NBC Studios.

The best part of the whole presentation is that, when you watch a live video feed on this site, you have the option of watching 4 different events side-by-side.

For the ones who missed the spectacle on the opening day, you can watch it on this site. Who else can create a grandeur like that except a moviemaker. If you did not know, the creator of this gala spectacle was Yimou Zhang, the director of Hero and House of Flying Daggers. It was a breathtaking effort and he pulled it off successfully.


P.S – And don’t tell me its at the top right corner.

May 6th, 2008

Be a Lendbee !!


Venkat sent me an email about a site, lendbee.com, that allows you to share books and DVDs, for free. This idea seems to have caught on at Chennai with employees of different companies forming groups at a company level and exchanging books/DVDs.

While it isn’t a revolutionary idea, someone has to do the work of designing and hosting a site for this purpose. Whoever designed it did a good job of user interfaces. I’m sure its pretty useful for intra-company or intra-city interactions. These social services turn out to be fun and useful as more people jump in. Jump in.

March 17th, 2008

Wii 2 is probably a myth

There were speculations that the next hardware upgrade to Nintendo’s Wii will be sometime in 2008. Though unbelievable, I wanted to believe that so I could wait longer to buy a Wii. But unfortunately its not happening atleast until 2010.

Here’s a list of what’s happening in the World of Wii during 2008.

So if you haven’t bought your first Wii yet, its not too late. Rush to the nearest gamestop.

March 12th, 2008

Perfect Blogging Platform

Anil Dash from Movable Type wrote a blogpost that took over its competitor, WordPress. He explained with pointers as to how WordPress upgrade is getting tougher by the day and not as simple as advertised. WordPress founder, Matt Mullenbeg responded on his twitter that Six Apart(Movable Type’s company) is getting desperate and dirty.

While it may be true that Movable Type has some of its users to the WordPress blogging tool, it doesn’t mean they can’t strike back, taking their competitors head-on. Anil’s post didn’t have a single loosely written line. While there may be factual errors or not, he did not behave like a cheapo. Matt did. And he is pissed.

Matt is pursuing Typepad Users(a part of Six Apart) like Seth Godin to move their own domains and install WordPress to run their blogs. When Matt is adopting public/no-so-public ways to attract users, shouldn’t he be ready for the same methods by his competitor.

BTW, I like WordPress as much as, and sometimes even better than, Movable Type. This blog still runs on Movable Type for the last 4 years. The irony is that it runs smoothly because of Akismet spam catcher which is a product from the WordPress company. Tells us that none of these guys are perfect yet.

The web market is still nascent. The perfect blogging platform creator is still playing soccer at Madison or Florida or Madras and hasn’t the heard the word, blog, yet.