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Enthiran Kamal
[ Image: Vikatan]

Shankar talks about the Enthiran that could have been and shares a sneak peak here in Vikatan.

January 20th, 2012

Delusions Galore!

mayakkam enna dhanush selvaraghavan

Mayakkam enna was a wasted effort, devoid of substance and class. It didn’t engage me as a viewer, didn’t bother to develop its rather cardboard characters and never stopped to pretend that it was a raw but class movie. All this I never wanted to say about a Selvaraghavan film but I do now. Given that I’m a huge fan of Selva’s films, I wanted to enjoy Mayakkam Enna and was already sold on the film although with just normal expectations.

The whole dating, fraaandship piece was artificial and the friends didn’t seem to belong together at all. Without dwelling scene-by-scene on why I was irritated, I guess the story wasn’t rich, its characters very superfluous without much of character, the very pretentious music that tends to cover up the nagging screenplay and of course some really bad acting. The so called ‘genius’ angst was badly expressed and its lead character gets a handful of accents that it confuses the heck out of a viewer.

The plot shifts rather swiftly from what it was trying to detail to a completely different dimension. Although it’s not uncommon for a selva film, this jump cut was crazy. How much ever one wanted to submit to the director’s thinking, he doesn’t support the shift with good reasons. If the ‘irumbu manushi’ issue was the point of the premise then the first half was totally wasted and if it was the ‘genius’ angst of the antagonist that formed the crux of the premise then the whole movie never wrapped around it clearly.

Simply put, its a movie to avoid even if you are Selvarghavan fan. I wish this is the last time I get to write such a review for a Selvaraghavan film.

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November 24th, 2011

Why we like kolaveri?

I wanted to write a post summarizing the events that unfolded over the weekend when kolaveri went viral. Medianama did that quite well, for the most part. However three things that needs to be called out –

One, the making video itself was a make believe. The shots of Dhanush singing were just looking like lip sync and hence. Even though the song needs very little vocal effort, the recording must have happened before the video and these shots were made either during improvisation or just shot for this ‘making of’ video. This could very well be my speculation but I do think the level of professional work that has gone into this making video and the description below the video that says, ‘chinna surprise’ doesn’t gel very well. Its a very successful attempt at making a video viral. Well done!

Two, Now that everyone has reacted to this song, which is good in a way, very soon the overkill is going to make many of us frown. From blogposts to tweets, the hate will become wide spread. It would be in the best interest of the album that they release the soundtrack asap.

Three – Premji is going to use this in the next venkat prabhu film. Enna bet?

P.S: If you are wondering about the song that’s being talked about here, you must be time-travelling. Here.

February 20th, 2011

RIP Malaysia Vasudevan

One of my all time faves, thanks to MV for a remarkable rendering.

April 10th, 2010

Myshkin's Yudham Sei

myshkin cheran yudham sei

I like some parts of Cheran’s work but I never thought I would look forward to a film in which he stars. If not for Myshkin, this still photograph from Yudham Sei wouldn’t have landed here. Its only films like these that I look forward these days and not the Yendhiran types. Maybe I’ve grown old but hype works only in your twenties.

I hope Myshkin’s previous unreleased film, Nandalala hits the screen very soon. If not, the producers should release it direct-to-DVD.

Myshkin is by far my biggest hope of tamil cinema followed by or preceded by, in some cases, Selvaraghavan. Oh yeah, there is Mani Ratnam, as always.

February 1st, 2010

500 days of Hosanna

Fanboy version of Rahman’s Hosanna mixed with the dance sequence from the bubbly 500 days of Summer.

January 30th, 2010

Nasty Dynasty

aayirathil orvan selvaraghavan

First, a pedestal for Selvaraghavan’s Aayirathil Oruvan just like the one put up here for Peter Jackson’s King Kong.

Fantasy genre is a very special one. Just like Harry Potter lineup, if you don’t get into the movie, your brain starts questioning how Harry Potter didn’t hit on the brick wall when trying to walk through a pillar in the train station. Not all of us are hardwired for such instant leap of faith. Cutting down such crap with which reviews usually begin and starts to bore us with such psychological theories that the reviewer referred to before writing the review, Aayirathil Oruvan is a kickass film that should be enjoyed in a full screen without uttering a single word to the next seater. All you might know, he might have already taken the leap of faith and immersed in the movie and you are just thinking, how the hell can lightning strike on karthi while being blessed.

In any case, AO has stupendous writing, great pace, wonderful camera, immaculate art and costumes and ofcourse an apt finish to the neat start. The movie hasnt been pulled off just by the different landscape or thoughtful subtexts in screenplay but by the actors who have made us believe that the movie could be a true story.

And yes, the critics say that it has tinges of Gladiator and every other historical fantasy they have seen so far. Sure. For that matter, King Kong had big influences from Titanic and Jurassic Park. It was still considered as a herculean effort. And Selvaraghavan needs to be lauded for pulling it off with limited resources.

Above all that the movie kept me glued to the screen throughout the length of the movie. It was paisa vasool and I felt I should have paid a few more bucks for entertaining me thoroughly. Not a single movie after Virumandi had me tied up so badly. If you are crazy enough, you would love Aayirathil Oruvan. I pity the ones who hated it. You just missed an interesting piece of Tamil Cinema for who knows how long you would have to wait for another movie as gripping as this. SORRY!

Post from July 28th, 2007

I admit, I’ve been excessively obsessed with this song. Partly because I think Selvaraghavan made a crappy video of a cool song. The camera and Ravi Krishna eyes are fixated on Sonia’s bosom and I think thats a cheap thing to do, given the realistic lyrics and a great rhythm.

I propose someone to re-shoot it and make a pretty good video. Maybe with available resources, I would even re-shoot it myself at Seattle and edit it using Final Cut . Imagine this, as the electric guitar plays, a tall desi guy with a hooded black t-shirt, the mountain ranges on the backdrop, walks on a bridge while its raining. Cut it to a mall, a desi girl with her American teenage friends, walking past this chap with a wink in her eye, eating baskin robbins. Cut back, to the raining bridge. Cut again to wide angle shot, the guy walking on the alki beach with a backdrop of seattle downtown. I’m sure it will do justice to Yuvan’s cool beat. Some day…

I’m still obsessed with this idea of re-shooting the song. Currently looking for camera(!), help with shooting/editing, a desi guy, 2 non-indian females and a sunny seattle day. Coming this summer…

May 17th, 2009


Kanthasamy may be good but the trailer sucks ! And the audio release function that was live broadcasted on Sun TV was a mass jalra event just like any other kollywood function. Wonder why Rahman was even sitting there the whole time.

I suspect the whole effort just because of the way Dhanu promotes his movies and then turns back on his heroes if the movie sucks in box-office. Susi and Vikram are betting big time on this movie but I have my own doubt. The premise of the movie that talks about a super-hero is all fine but I’m not sure how it would be executed on-screen. Let’s wait for the movie but meanwhile, I’m going to quit watching every single kollywood event like this.

April 24th, 2009

Who is the best baddie ?

Mindless rant ahead. Please feel free to skip and get some fresh air.

Was watching some random Tamil movie on cable that set me thinking on who were my favorite villain actors in Tamil cinema. I liked most of them including Ashokan, Nambiar, Radharavi et’al except for the pallakku pandi types but there were clearly favorites.

Raghuvaran and Nasser were on the list. But somehow my all-time favorite is Salim Ghouse more than anyone. Wierd, right ? That’s right, the villain in Thiruda Thiruda. He was also the baddie in Vetri Vizha. And right after him is Cochin Haneefa. Though Haneefa is now performing better as second villain or sidekick, he has enough movies behind him to prove that he could be the best. Haneefa got my blood boiling in Mahanadhi and his comical villainship is praise-worthy.

Next comes Kota Srinivasa Rao. Kota can be considered as the Morgan Freeman of Indian cinema. Puritans might have issues with that classification but I think Kota comes close to Morgan Freeman. And Morgan Freeman is my most favorite of Hollywood for the last decade or so.

How did I forget Sathyaraj and more importantly, Rajinikanth ? Rajini had some golden moments as the baddie. He performed better as a villain against Kamal. And I couldn’t recollect Kamal being a villain in any movie, recently except Kalaignan which was tremendously boring. BTW, I was in cuddalore when Kalaignan released and watched it thrice in three continous days. Those were some crazy days :)